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  • Recruitment & Selection - Mindmill FACTS & Mindmill Source

    The process of recruitment and selection is unremitting in any organisation. Based on business growth, expansion plans and other organisational needs, graduates, skilled workers and new professionals are always required. mindmill are able to assist an organisation by making this process both cost effective and time-efficient through the use of mindmill source.

    Mindmill FACTS is a two-way process between you and a mindmill specialist. It assists in defining the criteria and qualities needed to carry out a defined role effectively.

    Mindmill Source simplifies the task of finding the right person for the right job. Mindmill's standard Recruitment & Selection process includes a personality assessment and a range of cognitive assessments which are then tailored specifically to the requirements of the role.

    Applicable to all organisational levels, these customised packages can provide a holistic view of potential candidates in less than 45 minutes. recruitment and selection

  • Organisational Development - Mindmill HR Services

    It is an inescapable fact that people are the cornerstone of every successful organisation across the globe. It is therefore of paramount importance to exert a conscious effort to assess, understand and, ultimately, develop the people that comprise your organisation. mindmill offer a triad of HR services whereby people can be assessed and developed to optimise an organisations performance potential. The aforesaid triad is mentioned briefly below:

    Mindmill 360 Insight is an online appraisal tool that helps an individual to understand their own characteristics based upon self-perception and how others perceive them; superiors, peers and suboordinates. Mindmill's 360 assessment can be tailored to match your company's competency framework.

    Mindmill Elevate assists in the identification, assessment and development of your people. Its service is to enhance and improve upon the leadership capabilities of your people and ultimately optimise productivity. Training Needs Analysis reports can be generated from this process and linked with Mindmill's Learning Management System.

    Mindmill Employee Engagement represents a bespoke Employee Engagement survey designed to investigate the extent to which employees feel engaged with their organisation; it aims to uncover any issues which employees may have that could negatively affect Employee Engagement. In addition, the survey identifies organisational strengths which can be transferred to other areas.

  • Learning & Development - Mindmill LMS

    Mindmill LMS is an online learning and performance management system that allows companies to create personalised training programmes for all staff. Training can also delivered online with assessment scores saved automatically by the Mindmill System.

    Mindmill 360 Insight and/or Mindmill Elevate can be used to create Training Needs Analysis reports which can be linked directly with Mindmill LMS to automatically create a personalised training plan on completion of the assessments. This plan can then be reviewed and modified by Learning and Development staff before being presented to the individual.

    The purpose of Mindmill LMS is to provide an individual with a tailored training programme, allowing the individual to close any potential competency gaps they have. All training interventions are tracked and evaluated to ensure the individual is fulfilling their potential.

    Mindmill Teamplay

    Developed by our partner Dashboard Simulations, Mindmill Teamplay has been designed to boost learning and stimulate behavioural change through team-based simulations which use both intra-team collaboration and inter-team competition to produce significant, measurable improvements in participants' performance in the workplace.

  • Employability & Career Guidance - Mindmill Careermaps

    Making an informed career choice at any stage of life can be and is one of the most exciting yet daunting experiences for anyone; student, graduate or seasoned professional. mindmill careermaps can help make this process less intimidating, and amazingly more explorative and gratifying.

    Mindmill Careermaps is an online profiling tool which helps to define and measure an individual’s natural aptitudes, abilities, interests and motivations. mindmill careermaps can be used by career advisors as an objective means to determine employability skills, enhance personal development plans and, ultimately, facilitate lifelong learning in the career guidance process.

    The challenge for many careers advisors is in attaining a better match between individual competencies, skills and qualifications for the benefit of employers and extended learning environments.


    Selecting candidates for training programmes, such as Graduate Development Programmes can be a daunting task. Mindmill have experience successfully indentifying candidates who have the capacity to rapidly learn new information in intensive training courses. Mindmill have identified candidates for programmes in a number of sectors, including ICT, Engineering, Law, Financial Services and Sales and Marketing.

  • Research & Development - Mindmill Invent

    Mindmill constantly seek to develop new assessments, functionality and workflow. We also work with our clients to design, develop and deliver bespoke projects, regardless of size or scope. Our research and development team have extensive expertise in developing projects from the ground up.

    In today's fast moving marketplace, Mindmill recognise the need for flexible technology. The Mindmill Platform offers this solution, we pride ourselves on the flexibility our technology platform, which enables us to add new functionality when required.

    Projects that Mindmill have designed and developed include; Automation and Integration of Existing Client Assessments, Design and Development of new Functional / Technical / Scenario Based Assessments, Translation and Cultural Validation, Full System Branding, Mobile Testing Centres, Offline Assessment and Integration with HR Systems / Workflow.