About Psychometrics

Psychometrics are assessments which measure individual differences in many areas including personality, motivation, aptitude and abilities. These assessment tools enable us to better understand ourselves and can provide powerful insight into future performance at work.

When used in combination with other information sources, like school results & information on hobbies & preferences, they provide a powerful insight into why we make the decisions we make and why we behave in the way we do.

About Careermaps

What does Careermaps measure?

Seven unique areas that have the greatest impact on career choices:

The concept of Careermaps came to us from listening to young people at interviews. Many scholars, students & newly employed young people feel "lost" when it comes to knowing which course, degree or career path to choose.

Careermaps is an online profiling tool which helps to define and measure natural aptitudes, ability, interests and motivation in individuals.

Careermaps can be used by careers advisors as part of the guidance process when determining employability skills, personal development plans and lifelong learning.

The challenge today for many careers advisors is to facilitate a better match between individual competencies, skills and qualifications for both employers and extended learning environments. In essence, Careermaps help individuals find jobs or training courses that utilise their natural potential

There are good reasons for a new approach to career choice and preparation in the millennium. Many of the vocational choice forms used at the end of the century were produced decades ago and do not always reflect the choices open in the new millennium. If you would like to start on a career, or to study those courses best suited to your interests and aptitudes, you should be able to decide with the help of questions and answers designed for today’s technology & world of work.

"knowing yourself" is the key to your success in life

"Career Guidance" for the 21st Century

Who should use Careermaps

Students: Select your subjects and degree choices to pursue. CareerMaps guides students to make the correct decisions to avoid changing subjects and dropping out, which can be costly.

Job/ Career seekers: Realizing your full potential to consider new avenues, roles and opportunities.

Career advisors in the Education Sector: Higher education institutions often experience high drop-out rates and course changes during the year. With CareerMaps learners are able to select careers and subjects in line with what is important to them, what suits them best and what they tend to have a natural appetite for.

Benefits of Careermaps